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  • There are thousand of natural, historical and cultural attractions in Russia, more than 30 nature national parks, almost two thousand museums, 79 museum-parks.
    12 objects of cultural and natural value from various regions of Russia are included in UNESCO List of World Heritage Objects. They are the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, the historical centre of St. Petersburg, the Kizhi Pogost, the historical centre and monuments of Velikiy Novgorod, monuments of Vladimir- Suzdal lands and Boris-Gleb Cathedral in Kideksha, the historical and cultural complex of Solovetsky islands, the architectural ensemble of Troitse- Sergiev monastery near Moscow, the Ascension Cathedral in Kolomenskoe (Moscow), wild forests of Komi (Pechoro- Ilich nature reserve, Yugid-Va natural park), Baikal lake, volcanoes of Kamchatke, Golden Mountains of Altai.


    Tourist accommodation facilities - a large network of hotels, motels and campings: 4,2 thousand objects with 373 thousand beds. A lot of well-equipped health-resort objects may serve not only for domestic, but also foreign clients.
    International airports receive foreign guests in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Piatigorsk, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Orenburg, Petropavlovsk - Kamchatskiy, Yuzno-Sakhalinsk, Yakutsk, and other cities. The local time of departure and arrival is printed on air and railway tickets.
    Security. According to the WTO data, Russia is a safe country for tourism. According to the statistics of this organization, in Russia there have been recorded the least number of crimes committed against tourist in Moscow and St. Petersburg. About 80% of foreigners coming to Russia visit only these two capitals.
    In Russian province tourists have an opportunity to see hundreds of architectural masterpieces of various epochs, thousands of natural miracles. It is only here that the guests will have a chance to come into contact with the Russian nation, real life, culture and original traditions. Here they can visit a house of a typical Russian family, ride the Russian troika or drive a snow-bike along a snow field, feel a wholesome effect of Russian baths, taste traditional Seliger fish broth, and lots of other amazing things.
    Those who like wild nature and adventures will be pleased to get acquainted with the lands of Kamchatka, Altai, the Baikal, the Urals, the Russian North. Forests and lakes of Karelia, the "Siberian Pearl" Lake-sea Baikal are waiting for them, the same as mysterious underground kingdom of Cave Kungur in the Urals, unique and even fantastic nature and exciting history of the Kuril Islands.
    By car / by train. If you set off from Moscow in any direction, a kaleidoscope of unforgettable impressions is guaranteed to you. The example is the highway "Moscow - St. Petersburg" that passes through the old Russian towns Tver, Torzhok, Vishniy Volochek, Novgorod, Klin. There you can see many architectural monuments of the Russian Classicism epoch of the 17-19 centuries, picturesque peaceful landscapes.
    You can make an absorbing railway trip by a comfortable "Eastern Express" from Moscow to Vladivostok. Vladivostok is rapidly becoming a big international tourist centre. The leading world cruise companies of Asia - the Pacific region have already included this city into their routes.
    River cruises down the Volga, Lena, Yenisei, Kama are traditionally attractive for tourists from various countries.
    Climate. In Russia you may see all types of climates of the world except tropical. We would advise tourists to consider the following average temperatures depending on the region they've chosen for holidays.
    Money. The official monetary unit in Russia is the rouble. There are no limits about the amount of currency taken into the country. In shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. you may pay only in roubles, despite that sometimes prices are shown in dollars. To receive payment in dollars is officially forbidden. You can easily exchange currency. It`s easy to find an exchange point in large shops and hotels the same as on the streets. The most widespread currency for exchange in Russia are USA dollars and EUROs. In more and more shops, hotels, restaurants, air-companies, etc. you can pay using credit cards.
    Tips are not required. But if you want to express your high evaluation of service made for you in a taxi or restaurant, 5 to 10 % of reward will be perceived with understanding and gratitude.
    Russian cuisine is renowned for its meat dishes, uha (fish soup), schee (vegetable soup), okroshka (cold vegetable soup), pancakes with sour cream or caviar, pies and other tasty things. In Siberia you will taste pelmieni (boiled meet in pastry). The traditional drinks that refresh you and quench your thirst are kvass and cranberry juice.

    National Holidays:

    • The New Year`s Day - January 1-2,
    • Orthodox Christmas - January 7,
    • Women's Day - March 8,
    • Holiday of May and Labour - May 1-2,
    • Victory Day - May 9,
    • Independence Day - June 12,
    • National Reconciliation Day - November 7,
    • Constitution Day - December 12.
    Art and folk festivals:
    • " Russian Winter" - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Velikiy Novgorod, Irkutsk, Vladimir, Suzdal (December 25 to January 5 );
    • Maslennitza (winter send - off) - everywhere (except southern regions) - March;
    • "Moscow Stars" - Moscow (May); "White Nights" - St. Peterburg (June); Sabantui - Kazan (June).

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